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 About Us
  About Our Name and Logo

  ANOVA Science Education Corporation was

  founded in 2003 by neuroscientist and science

  education specialist, Dr. Robert Landsman.  The

  corporate mission is to assist United States

  institutions in the revamping of education, with

  emphasis on scientific and engineering practices,

  critical thinking, and STEM.  

  ANOVA Science Education Corporation uses the

  Research Investigation Process (RIP®) as its

  service program (RIP®) for critical thinking and

  inquiry-based STEM education. The RIP was

  developed   by Dr. Landsman over a 5-year period

  beginning in 1982, and has since been successfully

  implemented and tested at the K-12 levels in a

  variety of schools and classrooms.



   ANOVA Science Education exhibits its RIP® professional

   development program and resulting student products at

  the 2003 New Jersey State Science Education Convention


  Our professional development service provider

  division offers professional development

  through RIP® teacher workshops and seminars

  for administrators and/or teachers, and designs

  curricula based on state and national standards

  tailored to meet the needs of individual teachers,

  schools, and districts.


  ANOVA Science Publishing is the publisher for

  all RIP® educational materials designed and

  produced for use by our corporation, including

  books, manuals, and wall charts.



Mathematics and the decision-making process

used by scientists and engineers are interdependent. The ANOVA Science name represents the integration

of mathematics into the decision-making process

used in science and engineering.


           The ANOVA Science Education logo


ANOVA is the abbreviation and acronym for the

statistical test known as analysis of variance.

The symbols (Greek and Roman letters) in the

logo surrounding the "A" in ANOVA represent

statistical terms.

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