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  RIP® Professional Development for Teachers


Our professional development workshops enable teachers to experience the same activities and exercises they will use to foster the development of critical thinking and inquiry skills in their students.


Aligned with the National Science Education Standards for Professional Development for Teachers of Science, our programs provide teachers with opportunities for intellectual professional growth.

  •  We provide teachers with the skills necessary for them to guide their students to learn essential science content through the perspectives and methods of inquiry. 


  •  Our professional development program and activities stress differentiated learning and involve application of knowledge of pedagogy and what is known about human learning from a number of scientific disciplines.


  •  We show teachers how to build in themselves and their students understanding and skills for lifelong learning.


  •  Our programs share the vision of coherency and integration by alignment with National Science Education Standards (NSES) and Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS), collaboration, continuous assessment, recognition of teacher characteristics, and building understanding and ability over time.

"RIP" teachers learn how

to develop and implement

into their classrooms

Critical Thinking and

Science Learning Through


Click the links below to view representative examples of Teacher Products resulting from RIP® implementation in their classrooms and schools.


Teachers learn how

to produce and

disseminate knowledge

about teaching through

professional publications

and convention/

conference presentations.


Annual Native Science Education Conference Teacher Presentation

Teacher presentations at Annual Meetings of the Society for Neuroscience


  Not only are teachers

   able to use their

   experience with

   inquiry to add to

  knowledge in


 practices in

     education, but

   also they partner

with their students

in making

  real contributions to

  scientific knowledge!

RIP® Students successfully conduct STEM-based research projects through which they learn science, engineering, technology, and mathematics while contributing to scientific knowledge.


RIP® Teachers successfully instruct through STEM-based practices through which they contributing to STEM education knowledge.



Evaluations of our

Professional Development

Programs indicate that

participants strengthen

their own understanding

of scientific inquiry and

critical thinking, increase

their confidence in

conducting inquiry, and

greatly improve their

ability to engage students

in learning science

through inquiry.







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  At all grade levels, students and teachers are encouraged to be co-investigators, working together to learn and to contribute new information to what is already known.      
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