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ANOVA Science Education

provides the tools and support for classroom implementation of the

R esearch I nvestigation P rocess (RIP®)

~ a scientific research-based model

for scientific inquiry ~ scientific Practices





Professional Development:

We offer teacher Professional Development Seminars and Workshops in Critical Thinking and Science Inquiry featuring the RESEARCH INVESTIGATION PROCESS (RIP®). We provide teacher training to introduce best practices and to build the necessary skills to support the implementation of standards-based science curriculum, instruction, and assessment through the Research Investigation Process (RIP). Teachers engage in activities and learn to apply strategies to motivate K-12 students to improve their thinking and learning in science education, STEM, and across all content areas. Our professional development seminars and workshops combine the critical thinking skills and scientific practices used by scientists to learn about the world.

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Coaching & Mentoring:

True impact resulting from professional development is sustained when support for teachers is provided through a comprehensive coaching and mentoring design. ANOVA Science services teachers as they begin extending their learning of the RIP® into their classrooms by...

  • Partnering with teachers to design curriculum, instruction, and assessment for all content areas
  • Developing inquiry-based science and STEM curriculum tailored for student and teacher needs for K-12 grade levels
  • Developing and assisting in implementation of school-wide RIP-based scientific inquiry programs

  • Modeling the use of the RIP with students
  • Providing feedback of teacher implementation of the RIP into the classroom

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Assessing Results:

We provide schools with data that reflect the impact of teacher participation in professional development and classroom implementation of scientific inquiry on student and teacher practices, performance, achievement.

  • Pre- and post-assessments are designed, administered, and statistically analyzed by ANOVA Science.

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