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About Our President and Founder,

Robert E. Landsman, Ph.D.            

    Dr. Robert Landsman's Curriculum Vitae



Area of Significant Contribution to Knowledge





STEM Education

Inquiey-Based STEM Model for K-12 Learning:

Designated NSTA Exemplary Program in STEM Education

RIP~ing Through STEM

in Exemplary STEM Programs:Designs for Success, NSTA Press, 2014, Chapter 22, 373-400.

STEM Education

Exemplary Scientific Inquiry-Based Instruction and Learning Model:

Designated NSTA Exemplary Program in Science Education

RIP~ing Away Barriers to Science Education: Inquiry Through the Research Investigation Process

in Exemplary Science in Grades K-12, NSTA Press, 2005, Chapter 6, 51-72.


Science Education


Research Investigation Process (RIP®) as

a Scientific Inquiry-Based Model for Critical Thinking


RIP~ing Through Scientific Inquiry

Critical Thinking and Effective Decision Making Skills

  for Middle School and High School Science Education

ANOVA Science Publishing,   2005, 1-310.




Mormyrid Captivity Model



Sources of Plasticity in Behavior and Its Physiology: Sex, Hormones, Environment and the Captivity Model

in Fish and Fisheries Series 17, Chapman & Hall, 1995, Chapter 13, 303-343.


Probability-Based Ethical

Decision-Making Model

Ethical or Not: A Case of Personal and Agency Guidelines

Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics (EJAIB) Vol 11 (4), July 2001, 99-101.


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