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May 12 , 2021, 4:50 AM Las Vegas, NV Timezone

ANOVA Science Education Donates STEM-Based COVID-19 Relief to U.S. Schools

RIP®~ing away at barriers to STEM education through its highly recognized, award-winning
Research Investigation Process, ANOVA Science Education Corporation has made a donation

to promote STEM education during the nationwide COVID-19 challenged K-12 education system

crisis. The company reported that it recently donated more than 2,500 copies of its key scientific

inquiry-based books, comprising a value of more than $250,000, to schools and districts across the

nation exhibiting strong support for STEM-based practices through in-class, remote, and/or

distance learning venues.

May 12, 2021, Las Vegas, NV, ANOVA Science Education Corporation (ANOVA Science)
www.anovascience.com, www.scientific-practices.com) recently donated its key scientific
inquiry-based critical thinking resources to schools and districts committing strong support for
the advancement of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. This
donation included more than 2,500 copies of its books valued at more than $250,000. ANOVA Science

boasts a unique approach to RIP®~ing away at barriers to STEM education through teaching STEM

by employing the practices that scientists and engineers use to answer questions and solve problems.

Through the Research Investigation Process (RIP®), these practices, referred to as scientific inquiry,

comprise a critical thinking model that students and teachers use to learn through the context of

answering students’ own questions that are relevant to their own lives and interests.

This approach to education targets the development and cultivation of the critical thinking
practices that weave through the inquiry-based scientific processes used by scientists and other
STEM field specialists. Scientific inquiry and critical thinking are the core components for the
success of this type of learning and can readily be used to network students who are
geographically separated. The Research Investigation Process can contribute to teachers’ remote
learning toolboxes and provide the STEM-based critical thinking structure to bridge the digital
divide present in distance learning venues.

Florida’s Hawks Academy for Gifted and Advanced Studies Team Leader Dorothy Rieger
stated, “Words cannot express the gratitude we have for these wonderful resources. These
materials will impact many students’ lives by creating a new generation that understands what it
truly means to engage in experiential learning, in a manner that is backed by both evidence and
research. Dr. Landsman and his team at ANOVA Science have created a preeminent body of
knowledge in STEM education to challenge convention and truly enable students to engage and
give 110% when they enter the classroom. Our academy is dedicated to empowering our students
to become high achieving lifelong learners who hold a special respect for the people and the
world around them. This donation will help us to achieve this goal and continue to be at the
forefront of STEM education.”

ANOVA Science’s three donated titles, Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom and
Beyond, RIP~ing Through Scientific Inquiry, and Data Analysis and Decision Making in
Scientific Inquiry will, according to president of ANOVA Science and developer of the RIP® Dr.
Robert Landsman, be used by teachers and students to support their schools’ STEM initiatives.

“We are hoping that these STEM resources featuring our Research Investigation Process
continue RIP®~ing away at barriers to STEM education through this donation during the
nationwide COVID-19 challenges to K-12 education,” said Dr. Landsman. He continued,
“Immersing students in a STEM-based learning environment is critical to them becoming
competitive for contributing in the future to innovation in and development and support of space
travel and exploration, vaccine and other medical advances, nanotechnology, climate change
solutions, artificial intelligence and its application, and many other areas of humankind

The New Jersey Science Convention (NJSC), one of the recipient education organizations,
intends to disperse their books directly to this year’s attendees representing school districts
statewide. Sandra Buleza, NJSC Executive Co-Chair Emeritus, stated, “This is the third year that
ANOVA Science Education has generously donated their award-winning resources to NJ
teachers to enhance science and STEM instruction in their classrooms. We appreciate the
opportunity to gift the books to classroom teachers, science supervisors and administrators at our
upcoming 2021 NJ Science Convention. These STEM practices books were very popular among
attendees from previous years and we expect them to be even more well received this year.”

In ANOVA Science’s "RIP®~ing Across the Miles™" distance learning paradigm, classrooms
within and across states join together in learning using the Research Investigation Process.
Scientific inquiry and STEM-based critical thinking are the core components for the success of
this type of learning involving students who are geographically separated. ANOVA Science
teams classes from different schools, or students in the same class in the case of hybrid learning,
using the Research Investigation Process model to conduct joint inquiries through which they
learn science and other STEM and non-STEM disciplines together. "STEM-based curriculum
and instruction are merged with distance learning in a design that stimulates interest and
motivates students to want to learn, also 'hooking' K-12 learners who require unique learning
experiences," said Dr. Landsman.

ANOVA Science Board Member and Engineer Gordon Schaubhut stated, “We are thrilled to
assist our schools, teachers and students in their STEM-learning endeavors and hope these
contributions will make a meaningful difference. During this time of uncertainty, and beyond, in
the implementation of teaching and learning through in-class, remote, and or distance learning
venues, these tools can be used to promote STEM education.”

“At Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas (CASLV), we take extreme pride in incorporating
STEM learning to foster the growth and skills of our students,” said Ercan Aydogdu, executive
director for CASLV. “We look forward to using this generous donation which will enrich our
rigorous STEM-focused educational program.”

According to Sarasota School District’s ELL teacher, Ro Kopakin, “The generous donation by
ANOVA Science Education Corp., of their scientific STEM-inquiry-based critical thinking
books has added an additional component to the already strong advancement and commitment to
STEM education in our McIntosh Middle School STEM A2 Magnet in Sarasota, Florida.”
Kopakin continued, “Through this inquiry-based method of learning, students at our middle
school will become lifelong learners and will be able to apply this critical thinking model to all
aspects of their lives in the future. Additionally, I am excited to have the books as an added
strategy in supporting English Language Learners (ELLs) in the next school year. For ELLs, this
scientific inquiry-based method can be used to teach students new English terms in all content
areas, and it provides the student with an essential resource to use with future studies as their
language proficiency improves. We are very fortunate to have been on the receiving end of such
a generous and invaluable resource to support our students!”

About ANOVA Science Education
ANOVA Science Education Corporation is a leader in STEM-based education and engineering
and scientific practices for K-12 schools. RIP, RIP~ing Through STEM, and RIP~ing Across the
Miles are trademarks and service marks, and RIP is the registered trademark and registered
service mark, of ANOVA Science Education Corporation, ANOVA Science Publishing, and Dr.
Robert Landsman in the U.S. and/or other countries. ANOVA Science Education Corporation
assists schools in implementing scientific research-based science education and STEM programs,
providing students with critical thinking and decision-making tools for lifelong learning skills
that support economic growth and global competitiveness through high-quality, continuous, and
data-driven teacher support in schools and classrooms throughout the U.S. As sole distributor of
products and services associated with the "Research Investigation Process" (RIP®) inquiry-based
science and "RIP~ing Through STEM ™" education program for K-12 schools, the contribution
of ANOVA Science's vision toward the nation's movement for science education and STEM
reform has been recognized and is well received by national and state education organizations.
ANOVA Science's activities and services include professional development workshops,
seminars, and projects; teacher coaching and mentoring; curriculum development addressing
state and national STEM, science, and Common Core State Standards (CCSS); and publishing
scientific inquiry/scientific and engineering practices K-12 education instructional materials
available at http://anovascience.com and http://scientific-practices.com.


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