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  A RIP® Publication

  RIP-ing Through Scientific Inquiry


  Critical Thinking and Effective Decision Making Skills

  for Middle School and High School Science Education                                                            

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Written by Robert E. Landsman, Ph.D.

A valuable how-to resource book about scientific inquiry and critical thinking written by a scientist for learners—teachers of grades K-12 and students in grades 8-12.  This book clearly explains the steps involved in how scientists engage in their thinking and decision-making as they seek knowledge and understanding about the natural world.  This scientifically-research-based inquiry model makes learning science exciting, relevant, and rigorous for all learners. 368 pages.

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We believe this book to be an absolute necessity as an instructional reference for all aspects of the process of critical thinking and inquiry in science, including the research design and analysis components. It will serve you and your students as a valuable tool for using inquiry-based instruction and for science fair preparation.

ISBN: 0-9766551-1-X


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