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August 20, 2013, 12:01 AM Honolulu, HI Timezone

ANOVA Science Education Corporation Launches www.scientific-practices.com


K-12 Educators: Content information for “Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom…and Beyond,” free access to the book’s Foreword, and a 10% discount are now available online.


Honolulu, HI, USA, August 20, 2013 /EINPresswire.com/ — ANOVA Science Education Corporation’s (ANOVA Science, http://scientificinquiry.com) publishing division, ANOVA Science Publishing, announced today the launching of http://scientific-practices.com, a new website featuring its recently published scientific practices book for Grades K through 12 education— Look at Us Now! Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom … and Beyond. Featured in the book are personal journeys authored by classroom teachers using the Research Investigation Process (RIP ®) scientific inquiry-based critical thinking model in the classroom.


Look at Us Now! is already catching on as a valued “how-to” book for teachers desiring to make the needed adjustments that will enable them to shift their instructional approach to one that is inquiry-based and infuses the Next Generation Science Standards’ (NGSS) scientific practices into the student learning experience. Such a shift supports the national focus on college and career readiness. Scientific-Practices.com is a comprehensive site that captures highlights from this recently published scientific practices book.


The site presents 1) excerpts and teasers from chapters in the book, 2) background information and descriptions for each contributor, 3) explanations and discussion of how the RIP® model and scientific inquiry and scientific practices address STEM and critical thinking to enable achievement of conditions (National Science Education Standards [NSES] More Emphasis conditions) necessary for the NGSS and NSES to be addressed, 4) how the RIP fosters full and open inquiry, and 5) reviews of the book written by teachers and administrators published on Internet websites.


Look at Us Now! provides a complete description of the components of the RIP model for scientific inquiry as they are actually being introduced into the classroom. The teacher authors, covering content in diverse areas such as language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, and engineering, explain how they overcame the challenges encountered through their implementation of scientific inquiry as an instructional and formative assessment tool.


According to ANOVA Science President and the book’s editor Dr. Robert Landsman, Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom…and Beyond is rapidly advancing to the status of best seller for the company’s publishing division. “From the first day of its availability to the general education community, we have received numerous orders from schools through word of mouth,” said Landsman. “We hope that making information about the book and the ability to purchase it widely available online will help to position it to where it will have the most impact—into the hands of administrators and teachers who will make use of its content.” One teacher who is already applying the book’s content to his teaching is New Mexico Bloomfield School District's high school teacher Hank Starr. According to Mr. Starr, “Every teacher should own this book, digest and then embrace its contents, and read it over and over again. This education model has inspired me to move in different directions in my classroom, in my education, and in my personal life.”


The book’s Foreword, written by the former National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) President and current Director of NSTA’s Exemplary Science Programs, Dr. Robert E. Yager, discusses NSES scientific inquiry, NGSS scientific practices, and the NSES More Emphasis conditions in the context of the importance of primarily focusing on elevating instructional techniques versus the content taught. Visit http://www.scientific-practices.com and join ANOVA Science’s mailing list to receive Dr. Yager’s invaluable essay, More Emphasis on the How vs. the What, at no cost.


For a limited time, you can also receive a 10% discount for Look at Us Now! Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom...and Beyond when the book is purchased online at http://scientific-practices.com.


Scientific-practices.com also features a company blog and the @teachinquiry Twitter feed, containing tweets about the latest research findings across science fields and STEM content areas and those relevant to science and STEM education, and is available on all mobile devices.


RIP is a trademark and service mark, and RIP is the registered trademark and registered service mark, of ANOVA Science Education Corporation, ANOVA Science Publishing, and Dr. Robert Landsman in the U.S. and/or other countries. ANOVA Science Education Corporation assists schools in implementing scientific research-based science education and STEM programs, providing students with critical thinking and decision-making tools for life-long learning skills that support economic growth and global competitiveness through high-quality, continuous, and data-driven teacher support in schools and classrooms throughout the U.S. As sole distributor of products and services associated with the Research Investigation Process (RIP®) inquiry-based science and STEM education program for K-12 schools, the contribution of ANOVA Science's vision toward the nation's movement for science education and STEM reform has been recognized and is well received by national and state education organizations. ANOVA Science's activities and services include professional development workshops, seminars, and projects; teacher coaching and mentoring; curriculum development addressing state and national standards; and publishing education materials available online at http://anovascience.com.





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