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Finally, a high school scientific inquiry data analysis book is available to assist teachers and their students in the proper way to analyze results from many different types of research investigations.

Written by a research scientist, this book is receiving acclaim from graduate students and secondary teachers for its clear and simple approach to analyzing data obtained from various types of research and many different commonly used research designs.

"Statistics can be a very useful tool. Unfortunately most texts seem to keep the essence of this very interesting field shrouded in mystery to the point that the novice learner gets confused, frustrated, and gives up. I know because I was confused and frustrated in many of the statistics classes I enrolled in. This book erases the mystery, and brings statistics within the grasp of all of us. The examples are so clear that it is easy to select the correct statistical test for the analysis of an array of data. Additionally the RIP Program is truly one which fosters discovery, not only in science but in any discipline in which decision-making is based upon data, be it quantitative or qualitative."

-Joe Laszlo (A.K.A.Dr. Gadget)

President, Hawaii Science Teacher's Association; Presidential Award Recipient, 1999; Science Teacher












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