Additional Resources for Scientific Inquiry




Chapter 1      Definitions and Symbols




Chapter 2      Central Tendency: Determining the Middle of a Group

                     of Numbers


Chapter 3      Variability: Determining the Spread of a Group of            Data Points




Chapter 4      Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit: Comparing How                                                     Frequencies Fall into Different Categories for a Single Variable


Chapter 5      Chi-Square Test for Independence: Using Frequencies

                     to Determine Whether Two Variables are Related 


Chapter 6      Independent t-Test: Comparing the Means of Two

                     Independent Groups


Chapter 7      Dependent t-Test: Comparing the Means of Two

                     Dependent Groups


Chapter 8      Correlation Coefficient r: Testing for a Relationship

                     Between Two Variables


Chapter 9      Nonparametric Tests: Comparing Two Groups when

                     t-Test Conditions are not Satisfied




Appendix A:  Critical Values for the Chi-Square Test for Goodness of Fit

Appendix B:  Critical Values for the Chi-Square Test for Independence

Appendix C:  Critical Values for the t-Test      

Appendix D:  Critical Values for the Fmax Test

Appendix E:  Critical Values for Correlation Coefficient r        

Appendix F:  Critical Values for the Mann-Whitney U-Test

Appendix G:  Critical Values for the Wilcoxon W-Test