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    Welcome to the supplemental resource page for Making Scientific Practices Matter in the Classroom...and Beyond

    Note for readers of this book. We expedited publication of our new scientific inquiry /

    scientific practices book prior to completion of this supporting electronic resources

    section to meet the high demand from the field of education for it to be available to

    coincide with the release of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The

    contents of this site are currently being prepared. Please revisit us.


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                      Making Scientific Practices Matter

                     in the Classroom...and Beyond


                                    ...Using the Research Investigation Process (RIP®)


                                            Assistant Editors

    Irene H. Kamimura-Managing Editor

    Laurie Szostak-Layout Editor
    Linda Leveen-Assistant Copy Editor


Edited by Robert E. Landsman, PhD

...Research Scientist & Developer of the RIP® Model

Foreword by Robert E. Yager, PhD

...Former President of the National Science Teachers

   Association (NSTA) & current Director of NSTA's

   Exemplary Science Programs (ESP)

Chapters Written by:

Carrie Bashaw

Donna Chrisman

Crystal Doi

Barbara Enzensperger

Brenna Enzensperger

Maki Fullerton

Wendy Gonsalves

Kyle Hawes

Susan Kamida

Irene Kamimura

Robert E. Landsman

Lori LoRusso

Joyce Luka

Anne McKnight

Gendene Otake




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